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Volunteers are always needed!

Please call the Pinewood office if you are willing to volunteer your time!



Pinewood School encourages all parents to get involved in your P.T.A.

Check this page for special savings to school events for Pinewood P.T.A. members!

Join today!

We have a very supportive P.T.A.and the active members are involved in many activities that support the school, staff, and children.

Some of the current P.T.A. activities include:
Annual fundraisers
Bake Sale
Fifth Grade Signing
Field Day Assistance
Field Trip buses provided when possible
Teacher appreciation luncheon
Staff support in a variety of ways

If you have any questions/concerns about P.T.A., please contact one of the P.T.A. board members by calling school, 561-6000 and asking for a board member to return your call:

2017-2018 PTA Board
Co-Presidents-  Amanda Schuman and Karla Benton

Secretary-  Terri Crinklaw

Treasurer- Becca Dingwell  

Principal - Kristi Reinsch - 561-6000    kristi.reinsch@ops.org

Instructional FacilitatorJen Sexton - 561-6012   jenny.sexton@ops.org


Great websites for you to visit!
Nebraska PTA site:
National PTA website: